The current generation Ford Expedition model has been widely acclaimed by many different well-renowned third-party automotive publications. As previously mentioned in detail by Ford Authority, Consumer Reports rated it as the best full-size SUV that money can buy for families, while Kelley Blue Book named is a best buy for its entire segments. Even with all of these rave reviews, its value depreciated quite considerably over the past five years according to iSeeCars recent research and conclusion on the matter.

The Ford Expedition falls to the bottom of the list for five-year old vehicles with highest depreciation, at 10th place. On average, this full-size SUV loses approximately 50.7% of its value, or $32,674 from MSRP, after only half a decade. Curiously enough–though not entirely surprising given its features and original cost–the Expedition is actually the only non-luxury vehicle present on this list; others include the Lincoln Navigator.

The website analyzed over three million used cars sold in 2022 that were three-year old or five-year old and discovered that, on average, the value of these vehicles had decreased by 17 percent when compared to 2021. However, it was found that the top 10 highest depreciating vehicles averaged a 33.3 loss in value over five years, which resulted in a $14,049 decrease in monetary value.

2019 Ford Expedition

If you want to keep your old Ford in its prime, take good care of it from the very beginning. Run regular check-ups, especially if you go off-road sometimes or tow with it. Convert to power-efficient LED car bulbs to reduce fuel consumption ever so slightly and prolong your battery’s life. That way if you plan on reselling your Ford Expedition after a few years of service, you will be able to set a fair price for the performance and not luxury.

As stated by Karl Brauer, Executive Analyst for iSeeCars, “Higher gas prices not only increase the demand for fuel-efficient vehicles but also decrease the demand for full-size SUVs.” This is because luxury cars often depreciate at faster rates than other used car models; thus, shoppers don’t value them as much. Although full-size SUVs rank highly in terms of depreciation amongst vehicles currently on the market, this hasn’t been true across all segments recently.

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